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The Lesser Known Story of Lefties

Being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world can be quite a challenge. From can openers to notebooks, our society is designed for the right-handed majority. Let’s delve deeper into the world of lefties.

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Who are the lefties?

Simply put, lefties or left-handed people are those who use their left hand more naturally and capably than their right hand. Approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed.

The Science Behind Being a Lefty

Interestingly, there is a scientific explanation behind left-handedness. It’s believed to be determined genetically with the role of the environment.

The Challenges faced by Lefties

Many everyday items pose a significant challenge for a left-handed person.

  • Scissors: They are designed for right-handed users, making it difficult for lefties to use them.
  • Notebooks: The spiral binding on notebooks is on the left side, which can be quite inconvenient.
  • Can Openers: A daily use kitchen tool like a can opener is designed for a right hand user.

Lefties in History

Despite the challenges they face, there have been many successful and notable left-handed people in history. From Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein to Barack Obama, many have left their prominent marks on the world.

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Final Thoughts on Lefties

Left-handed people may face a set of unique challenges in a predominantly right-handed world. However, being a lefty is more than just a different way of doing things; it’s a part of their identity.

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